V nenápadné vesnici Libeč u Trutnova vyrostlo nové kouzelné místo pro všechny, kteří hledají pohodu, klid a čerstvý vzduch. Především ale pro rodiny s dětmi, nebo partu přátel. Chata je velká dost a nudit se tady určitě nebudete, ať už preferujete cokoliv.


Rent the whole house for great memories and moments with your family or friends.

Our hut offers 5 rooms with their own bathrooms with capacity for 16 people, plus an attic for children. The duration of stay is 4 to 7 days based on the season.

Naše Tipy


Together with the beloved ones

Do you want to relax and have a great time? That is good to hear because we have a big fireplace to calm down and relax. Also, a grill bar with two sets of grills and a campfire. So just imagine the atmosphere and the vibe.


Pack the swimwear

On our garden you will find a luxury wellness. Chill on the terrace with our saltwater pool with a glass of wine from our little wine shop. Last but not least we also offer a sauna with a hot tub with a beautiful view.



Do your kids get ever bored? Well not here. We offer a separate room with Xbox, Kinect, the pool, air hockey, a racing track and much more. Inside there is also the attic which is full of fun things. Outside – in the garden we have a trampoline, sandbox, swing, glamping tent for 6 people and volleyball playground.



I think we can all agree that fresh draft beer is the best beer. Our building has a permanent stock of barrels of Pilsner Urquell. Or if you prefer a different brand just let us know and we will prepare it just for your likings.


Zážitková degustační večeře

Pokud nechcete trávit celý den v kuchyni vařením, můžete využít místní vyhlášenou cateringovou firmu Skcatering. Nechte se obsluhovat a dopřejte si nezapomenutelnou večeři o více chodech s párováním vynikajících vín.



Near the house there are many ski slopes, running trails and even a pond to skate on. For the warmer days we recommend a golf club Mladé Buky, the ZOO or, for the cyclists- Trutnov trails and much more.

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